Becca Tincher – Level 3 Stylist

Becca Tincher

It could be said that style is not just a look, a theme or fashion, but the way in which one presents oneself to the world. True style is a mindset; an attitude conveying a willingness to break from traditions while still honoring them. Becca Tincher embodies this definition of style completely in every aspect of what she does. From routine trims to full-fledged makeovers, Becca consistently and expertly uses her honed skills to craft styles that are unique yet familiar for each of her clients. Her approach is that of an artist collaborating with canvas; obsessed with every detail yet focused on the big picture.

Becca began her journey to become a stylist extraordinaire with her arms wrapped around her grandmother’s legs at the local salon. Even as a child she loved the atmosphere and marveled at the stylistic transformations she witnessed. Her fascination knew no end with the way in which customers’ faces lit up with delight as they gazed upon their new dos. Becca’s ambitions for salon life became clear in high school when she began shampooing at a local shop. She found herself increasingly drawn to the people and the way their perceptions could change through style. Apprenticeships, schooling and licensing soon followed, and Becca quickly blossomed in the career for which she was ultimately destined.

While she has often referred to herself as an “everyday stylist”, Becca has become so much more to her clients. An appointment with Becca could easily be likened to a visit with an old friend with whom you could chat for hours about your dreams, your woes or even something as trivial as the weather all the while feeling comfortable and engaged. In fact, if her wonderful and often brilliant since of style is overshadowed by anything, it is her beautiful spirit and genuine character. Just don’t let her catch you not using conditioner!

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