Style to Bloom For: 5 Hot Trends For Spring

5 Hot Trends For Spring

Spring is in the air here at Salon Red, and we couldn’t be more excited to strip off those winter hats and let our locks fly.  This season it’s a no-holds barred explosion of styles for every sensibility.  Short cropped bobs with punk-inspired fringe to demure, braided up-dos reminiscent of 1960s music festivals, these trends all have one thing in common: EASE. That’s right! Spring 2014 is the season of no-fuss style that any girl, no matter what her stylista rating, can rock from day to night. Follow the jump below for an intro to our 5 Favorite Spring Trends.

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6 Things You Don’t Know About Monique Haynes

6 Things You Don't Know

This month has been a momentous time for Salon Red, in the midst of a year that is already a big milestone for the company. For one stylist in particular, this month has held a number of such milestones. Stylist Monique Haynes celebrated her own 15th anniversary with the company, an achievement that is truly a rare one in today’s fast changing culture.  In many ways, Monique is the heart of Salon Red. If not for her own belief in what this company could be and her trust in the vision that Jessica had, Salon Red might not be here today. For that we are all more grateful than we can say, and that is why we are thrilled to present 6 Things You Don’t Know About Monique Haynes: 

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Get CitySwept Away: Grown up Grunge for The Every Day

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New this month, Bumble & bumble’s City Swept Finish has already elbowed its way onto our shelves with a New York attitude that has us falling in love. Like most millenials, I was just old enough to be mystified by the razor-sharp rebellion that defined all aspects of the grunge movement. Where my mother’s 80’s inspired perm had been a fantasy, the slouchy street style of the grunge movement had a sexy edge that left a deep, yet stereotypical slacker impression on my brain. Grunge didn’t care that it was fashion. Grunge was too busy creating the internet and tearing down the Berlin Wall to be bothered.

Oh Kate and Johnny how we miss those long gritty locks
Oh Kate and Johnny how we miss those long gritty locks

Now in 2014, Grunge is all grown up. The lived-in, gritty look that defined 90’s icons like Kurt Cobain, Winona Ryder, and even fashion goddesses like Kate Moss, has returned with a vengeance. This time it’s being recreated for the girl-on-the-go who craves an effortless transition from day to night (and let’s be honest, I want a no-hassle transition back to day as well!).  Enter Bumble & bumble. Embracing the androgyny that permeated the best of grunge, City Swept Finish dances the line between products to serve as the perfect hybrid styling tool for any hair type.

Fine hair will love the lightweight mist that allows for a broken-in, easy street style without the weight of traditional products, while folks with coarse or curly hair can rejoice in the hold and anti-fluff this part cream/part wax/part spray provides. Our short-haired comrades can get in on the action as well (fellas, I’m looking at you)! Salon Red stylist and product educator, Misti Dort, says she loves City Swept’s pomade-like application that doesn’t leave your hair feeling as greasy as those dreads you tried to grow back in ’96. (you know the ones…)

It’s got texture. It’s got edge. This look by Bumble & bumble stylist Jordan M has it all.
It’s got texture. It’s got edge. This look by Bumble & bumble stylist Jordan M has it all.

The how of this product is about as easy as it gets. Shake well and then simply spray City Swept Finish in a light mist over dry, styled hair. Piece it out with your fingers to get just the right amount of that “oh I woke up this way” look and you’re good to go! Or amp up your game by cocktailing City Swept over any of our favorite B&b products:

  • Layer over DrySpun Finish to give big airy looks a sophisticated sheen and wind-blown look that is straight out of Sex and the City fab. 
  • Start with a touch of Prêt-à-Powder before finishing with City Swept for a touch of soft volume that is all Courtney Love (minus the drugs and questionable fashion choices).
  • Copy the mermaid waves that rocked NYFW ’14 by using Surf Spray to create loose curl and City Swept to give you the grit and softness that will have you looking like a California surfer in no time.

So break out those faded flannel shirts you stole from your high school boyfriend, pop on a slip dress and your favorite stompers and get your Grunge on!