A Conversation with Jessica Soler

Written by the Oribe Team for their professional newsletter in December, 2014.

At the age of 25, Jessica Soler was a recent hair school grad with only junior experience in salons. But that didn’t stop her from opening her own salon, named Salon Red, in March 1999 in the Atlanta neighborhood of Candler Park. Since then, she’s expanded from eight stylists to 100 employees in five locations throughout the city of Atlanta—three adult-only full-service salons, one with a spa and two kids-focused, salon-meets-toy store locales.

Her growing business and entrepreneurial nature has also fed her crafty tendencies, including making dresses out of recycled materials like hair color boxes, shampoo bottles and hair magazines for her salons’ eye-catching window displays. “I’m almost finished with an Oribe dress using outdated promotional posters. It’s huge and beautiful!” exclaimed Soler. Her creative talents were soon recognized by The Art Institute’s Decatur branch, resulting in the opportunity to create a holiday window display for the school. We spoke with Soler about getting into the hair business, how she manages her salons and the inspiration behind her holiday window display. Read more

Tips & Trends

Styling Tips & Trends from Tayanna Johnson, Master Cosmetologist and Educator from Candler Park:


Oribe Gelée

Want to keep those curls bouncy with a hydrating, lightweight gel that doesn’t leave your hair hard with a lot of crunch?  The Oribe Gelée will allow your curls to be more manageable and detangle easily! The Oribe Gelée will be the way to go this Spring and Summer!

Bb. Surf Styling Leave-In

Staying on the wave! Did you hear? Bumble and Bumble has a awesome new product for our straight and wavy girls! Surf Styling Leave In is a UV-protectant, leave-in, light holding styling gel-creme. Your hair will be left feeling soft, hydrated and it helps fight FRIZZ. Pop it in your beach bag this Summer or apply it before your lunch date with friends and watch heads turn!!

Bb. Color Minded Shampoo & Conditioner

Hey you! Yes you! Is your color fading? Well look no more… Bumble and Bumble Color Minded Shampoo and Conditioner will save the day! The Color Minded combo was created to help save, preserve and prevent your beautiful color from fading. It tackles all of your hair color needs by hydrating, de-frizzing, smoothing and adding just the right amount of shine to your hair. How does it work you ask? The Color Minded Shampoo must be emulsified into your hands and worked into wet hair focused on the scalp- allow product to be rinsed down onto the hair. Follow up with your Color Minded Conditioner, a quarter size  amount should do the trick ( amount may vary depending on texture and density) and rinse with lukewarm water to preserve that color more and to add an extra shine!

Can’t forget about the guys. Bumble and Bumble Bb. Texture Hair (UN) Dressing Creme is great for guys that enjoy the tousled, matte not parched done-undone hair. This great on damp hair, but who said you have to follow rules! You can apply a small amount in damp or dry hair. It gives the hair grit, a pinch of lift and leaves a shine-free finish. It’s an easy going product that’ll give your look an extra BANG!!

Masarrat Makeup

To create a ‘No Makeup Look’ or a ‘Full Glam Look’ you need a great canvas to work with. Using a foundation that best matches your skin’s type, tone and desired finish will help you do that. For the Summer months we recommend a full coverage foundation that controls shine and lasts all day. Full coverage foundations will usually be matte so if you have an oily skin type please always remember to prime your skin before foundation application. If your skin tends to be on the dryer side, then always moisturizer before applying a full coverage matte foundation.