A Conversation with Jessica Soler

Written by the Oribe Team for their professional newsletter in December, 2014.

At the age of 25, Jessica Soler was a recent hair school grad with only junior experience in salons. But that didn’t stop her from opening her own salon, named Salon Red, in March 1999 in the Atlanta neighborhood of Candler Park. Since then, she’s expanded from eight stylists to 100 employees in five locations throughout the city of Atlanta—three adult-only full-service salons, one with a spa and two kids-focused, salon-meets-toy store locales.

Her growing business and entrepreneurial nature has also fed her crafty tendencies, including making dresses out of recycled materials like hair color boxes, shampoo bottles and hair magazines for her salons’ eye-catching window displays. “I’m almost finished with an Oribe dress using outdated promotional posters. It’s huge and beautiful!” exclaimed Soler. Her creative talents were soon recognized by The Art Institute’s Decatur branch, resulting in the opportunity to create a holiday window display for the school. We spoke with Soler about getting into the hair business, how she manages her salons and the inspiration behind her holiday window display. Read more

Tips & Trends

Fall Tips & Trends from Michael Lyvers at Salon Red Candler Park.

Soft copper, warms up fair skin tones. It’s on the lighter side, so this is great for blondes who want a new Fall look.
Jet black! Give this raven hair a new twist with ribbons of caramel or chestnut. This is great for cooler skin tones.
Sandy Beige, give your sun bleached blondes the lush depth of cashmere. This deeper cooler tone makes over lightened hair look thicker and healthier.
Cinnamon Chocolate, a rich brown with warm spiced highlights is a great way to add depth to dark hair.