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Kids Tips & Trends

Written by Stephanie Murphy (Level 4 Kids Stylist)

Looking for a cute, easy and, versatile haircut for the summer? Have no fear pixie cuts are here! This look will be great for your on the go kiddo, whether you style and go or just go! It’s the perfect hairstyle for this southern heat!



With summer approaching, I’m sure your growing bud is looking for a edgy summer look! This funky shaved side or nape would be a great option that would offer a little bit of edge for the whole family.

Oh My Braids! Halo/ Headband Braids are a great for any occasion and require little time to create.

Whether you are actually surfing or looking for a cool low maintenance cut, your little cool dudes can’t go wrong with this Shaggy surfer look – i’m sure he’ll enjoy this layered look with sweeping bangs, covering some of the ear, waves or straight it’s a Win for everyone

Needing something for the little gentleman, this faded cut with a hard part option will have your little man looking dapper. Style it up with your Favorite Gel/clay or leave it all natural, He’s sure to love it either way.

Jennifer Parker

“Being a Mom is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience in my life. My three babies (although they are growing up quickly) amaze and surprise me almost every day. Their personalities are totally different and so are their life challenges. Helping guide them on their individual journeys to become responsible young adults fills my life with pure joy. Now don’t get me wrong… they can be little turds too… lol … but they are my little turds and wouldn’t change a thing.”- Jennifer Parker

Greta High

Motherhood is by far the most difficult, but also the most meaningful thing I’ve ever done. I have found in my kids the two people who know and love me most, and have a much higher opinion of me than I could ever deserve. They understand that I will always do my absolute best for them, but now that they are older (11 and 16), they also understand that I’m just a human and I struggle too. They believe in my strength, but also allow me to be vulnerable. They’re my best friends. I’m so grateful for this journey of being their mom.

Katie Hawkins

My husband Jacob and I have have the four year old boy/girl twins named Annabelle and Jackson and then Mariella who was born in January of this year. “Blessed Chaos… but an absolute honor and miracle”

Rebecca Hardin

Ruby grace is 6 and attends The Museum School. She is our one and only and she is kind, funny and smart. The truth is that I’ve been “ Momma”, a long time to many people. It’s an honor that I am endured and called that by so many ❤️