The Story of Salon Red 2015

The Story of Salon Red- Jessica Soler



We love our community, caring for, and serving our guests as individuals and through experience. This year I am pushing the envelope with my team to grow through trial and error as we open ourselves up to new adventures.

This is an endeavor that is very personal for me and a lot of blood, sweat and tears have happened over the sixteen years to bring me to this part of my journey. To say that I am SUPER EXCITED is an understatement. I hope you will follow this blog each month to see how our story unfolds this year.

I would also like to take this opportunity and introduce a new addition to the Salon Red brand, our CREATIVE TEAM: Misti Dort, Madison Silva, Jasmine Howard, Brie Nichols, Zach Davis, Britany Means, Nikki Thomas, Elise Kelly, Kat Alexander, and Jacq Tackett. This team of ten will be led by creative visionary Jessica Soler. Not only will the team be working here in Atlanta but they will focus on projects and education nationwide. It will be our mission to not only invoke creative influences in each other, our company and community, but to help expand our impact in our industry.

Please take a look at the faces of our Creative Team in this short video:

Several Members of the Team (including myself) are currently working on projects to enter a competition by Bumble and Bumble, inspired by their Global Artistic Director Laurent Philippon’s book, Fashion and Fantasy. Here is a sneak peak at some of what I’ve been working on to share throughout the year…

I cannot wait to share more of our passions and visions!!!!!

Jessica Soler, Owner


6 Things You Don’t Know About Becca Tincher

Becca hard a work pursuing her passion for beautiful hair.
Becca hard a work pursuing her passion for beautiful hair.

The connection between stylist and client is so much more than a business relationship.  Over the years we come to know our clients on an immensely personal level, laughing with them during happy times, and even crying and commiserating during the sad ones.  Our clients become like family, and for our clients their stylist often becomes a confidant, counselor and even friend.  It’s in that vein that we start the month of October off right with the continuation of our “6 Things You Don’t Know….” series.  This month we’re introducing a stylist whose quiet nature serves her well with her clients.  Brookhaven stylist, Becca Tincher is a powerhouse of creativity and style and we are beyond thrilled to list her as part of the Salon Red family! Read more