6 Things You Don’t Know About Moses Krell

Moses Krell Salon Red
Moses Krell

Moses Krell wakes up excited to come to work at Salon Red. Why? He loves to make people feel beautiful. At 22 years old, Moses discovered he could earn a living, work around beautiful women all day, and satisfy his creative passions all while working with hair. He started his career with Salon Red in 2002, apprenticing under Jessica Soler, Salon Red’s owner.  Prior to that he entertained dreams of being a rock star and he performed with a band that played all over the southeast. Moses feels the two very different career paths have a lot of similarities, “When you’re up on stage performing and singing to a crowd of strangers you have to connect with them. It’s a lot like having a new client in your chair, you must build that same type of connection so they will trust you.”  We at Salon Red are delighted he chose to follow his passion to “perform,” and Moses rocks out hair styles daily at Salon Red Brookhaven. Read more

6 Things You Don’t Know About Becca Tincher

Becca hard a work pursuing her passion for beautiful hair.
Becca hard a work pursuing her passion for beautiful hair.

The connection between stylist and client is so much more than a business relationship.  Over the years we come to know our clients on an immensely personal level, laughing with them during happy times, and even crying and commiserating during the sad ones.  Our clients become like family, and for our clients their stylist often becomes a confidant, counselor and even friend.  It’s in that vein that we start the month of October off right with the continuation of our “6 Things You Don’t Know….” series.  This month we’re introducing a stylist whose quiet nature serves her well with her clients.  Brookhaven stylist, Becca Tincher is a powerhouse of creativity and style and we are beyond thrilled to list her as part of the Salon Red family! Read more