Ari Sandow – Level 3 Stylist


Ari (short for Ariel) is an Ohio native and graduate of Paul Mitchell Cincinnati.  She’s been into hair and makeup from a young age.  Always being the go to friend for proms, homecoming, football games, you name it she was the last one to be ready because it takes more time to get everyone else prepped.  The initial goal was to become a professional softball player with a salon on the side.  Well part of that worked out.  Why not turn something you’re naturally great at into a career that you’ll enjoy?

Being in the industry for 8 years has brought a lot of knowledge and experience, but she loves to stay up to date on the latest trends and styles.  Continued education is important in the industry to really understand your client’s wants and needs.  “As long as i’m a cosmetologist, i’ll continue to learn.”  While all parts of cosmetology interest Ari; coloring, cutting, and wedding hair/makeup are her passion!  “I find it very important to really listen to my clients.  I want them to leave feeling amazing, and looking it too! I’m happy when they’re happy.”
Fun facts: Ari competes in bodybuilding, bikini division. Loves everything pumpkin and Taco Bell.  Canine mommy to sweet little Nino.