Brittani Hausenfleck – Level 1 Stylist


Hi I’m Brittani after devoting 5 years of my life to the visual arts I finally decided to take my creativity into my own hands.  After meeting my now best friend at a photo shoot, I started cosmetology school in the summer of 2016. At the Paul Mitchell the school Esani, I was part of the Design Team and in Phase Two. I love cutting and color and am always striving to perfect my techniques. Practice makes progress. I love vivid hair and am constantly changing my own hair to match the seasons. I have a passion for fantasy and geek cultures and encouraging everyone to take care of their mental health. We only are given one mind so it is very important to take care of it. When I’m not at the salon I’m usually chilling with my cats and wishing I had a dog. You can also find me hanging out at the Renaissance festival in the spring, hanging out by a fire in the fall with my Viking family, or wishing I were at Disney World. 

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