Courtney Pampillon – Level 1 Stylist


Hi, I’m Courtney!
Ive been doing hair since 2017 and I love getting to be creative through vivid coloring, carving undercut designs, and playing with styling. I got my start with hair when I was younger, I used to do dog grooming with my mom. She would show me all the ways to work with it, cut it, and even color it! I was sucked in and wanted more. I would put all the crazy colors in my cats hair, then my dog, and then me. I loved the different ways the colors made me look, they could reflect my emotions and the kind of person I wanted to be. I loved that feeling and I wanted to do that for other people who could appreciate it more than a pomeranian!
And now, here I am!

Fun facts about me!
*I’m a huge nerd. Anything involving anime, video games, true-crime, and horror. I will geek out on you.
*I love getting to spend my extra time doing weightlifting at the gym, spending time with my two cats, and taking care of my plant collection.