Timothy Hays – Level 4 Stylist

Haircut Specialist

After years of sharpening his skills in New York, Timothy Hays joined the Salon Red team in 2008.  He lends his 19 years of knowledge to Salon Red’s educational program, where he teaches his specialties: masterful cutting techniques and bombshell quality blowouts. Timothy’s second love, after cutting & styling,  are geeky shenanagins  – he’s an avid board gamer, a sci-fi watcher,  and loves his PS4. Come in for haircut and style, and some Star Wars talk. ”May the Force be with you.” You can follow Timothy at www.instagram.com/geekycuts

Congrats Timothy on your promotion!! Your exemplary work ethic, great attitude, focus on teamwork and your obvious knowledge of hair and style has landed you where you are today. Thank you for everything you do!!