Tips & Trends

Ready for a new look?

Ecaille balayage is in for Spring 2015! Ecaille is defined by various tones, deeper at the roots and lighter towards the mids & ends. It involves vibrant, face-framing highlights in the front while adding softer pieces all around the rest of your head. Unlike the ombré, which plays on a bright contrast between dark and light, the ecaille gives soft, multidimensional highlights will only remain 2-3 shades lighter than your base, achieving a gorgeous “kissed by the sun” look!

Spring Tips & Trends from Caitlyn Duffy


Spring is right around the corner; we have a lot of new hair styles to choose from. One style in particular stands out: Boho Waves! It may be a beach style hairdo, but we don’t have to wait for warmer days to start rocking them. I love seeing touchable, movable and manageable hair. These silky smooth locks give every one a sexy, raw and lived in look.

I like to recommend products to my clients to help enhance their natural texture. Surf Spray from Bumble and Bumble is one of my top choices. This salt infused spray will give you a sexy, windswept and beachy texture.

If you are someone like me who has no natural texture and hair just falls flat, I have news for you! The American Wave by Arrojo can give you that texture and body you are looking for. This texturizing service will leave anyone with soft, natural-looking wave and curl patterns! Call Salon Red in Candler Park to book a consultation with me for your American Wave service.

Spring Tips & Trends from Alexis Rowland


Black and white is everywhere this spring.This trend has always been a classic, but what makes this his season’s take on the classic are the various textures, patterns, and silhouettes. Black and white are classics but this spring they have a little bit more edginess about them. This season, designers are experimenting with the classic color combo to offer up fresh takes on a perennial favorite. Like they always say: If it ain’t broke….


Spring Tips & Trends from Ryan Godfrey


My favorite color trend for Spring is slight color melting also renamed “baby lights.” This slight difference in color enhances and brightens your look without the upkeep of your average highlight. Think ombré all grown up and sophisticated. These barely there color enhancements are a beautiful way to add something to your look that will have people wondering, “something is different about you, but I can’t quite figure it out?!” It’s also on trend with BoHo waves. The barely there, minimal look it sooooooooo in!   Life just got a little easier!