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After opening our doors over 15 years ago, Salon Red is now a fixture in the Atlanta area. Bringing our neighborhood friendly style of comfort and familiarity we love to help brighten people’s days. Our staff is an eclectic mixture of styles to fit each neighborhood where we are located creating a true melting pot of ideas and energy. While all of us at Salon Red are extremely down to earth and very approachable, we know how to stay on trend and love to dabble in the new and unusual while meeting every guest’s wishes as often as possible. Our true desire is to make everyone feel special and LOVE their own style. It’s a great day when our guests leave happy and spread the joy!

6 Things You Don’t Know About Timothy Hays

Timothy Hays, Stylist & King of Geeks

In the nearly six years that Timothy Hays has been with Salon Red, he’s made quite the impression. Our resident geeky rock star, Timothy’s love for all things Doctor Who, Sci-Fi, and board games is out-shadowed by his immense talent and style. As Timothy celebrates several personal milestones this month, we want to show the love by pulling back the curtain and getting to know him just a bit more! So sit back, relax, and keep reading after the jump to learn 6 Things You Don’t Know About Timothy Hays.

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