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Tips & Trends

Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year is…..

Marsala! Here’s what Pantone’s Executive Director has to say about the choice:

“Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal, while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.”


Winter Wanderlust
Tips from Salon Red stylist Maureen Weaver

A change of season is the perfect excuse to change your color routine!  

Break your rules.  There are so many inspiring looks to make you feel hot when it’s cold outside.


Fire cracking reds is a sure way to turn up the heat.  Everything from burgundy, copper, cinnamon, black cherry or fire engine…reds rock.  Remember you can lower your maintenance by sticking close to your natural level.  Also, keep in mind if your radiant red starts feeling a bit tired, you can always pop in & out with in an hour between appointments for a refresher.

fall highlights

Highlights are always a delight. Sultry to subtle, anything goes.  Flirting contrasts between chocolate & vanilla swirls. Sweet honeys with rich wheat.  Vibrant peek-a-boos.  They are all head turning show stoppers.  Remember, when you use any lightening agent on your hair, make sure you have a deep conditioning regimen.  You must replace the protein in your hair at least twice a month.

fall brunette

Bombshell brunettes can earn all their brownie points by mixing milk chocolates with dark.  Throw in some caramel highlights to sweeten those cappuccino colored locks.

Nervous about a major commitment?  No worries.  We can play with no ammonia options that allow you to date the color with out getting married.

Been thinking of trying bangs?  Now is a great time of year to do just that.  With the summer humidity gone, A heavy side swoop can give you the change you crave.  In addition, side bangs are flattering on most face shapes.

Winter Style Tips from Salon Red owner, Jessica Soler

Boots, boots and more boots are huge this year! Tall boots over the knee, under the knee, short boots barely over the ankle, or warm and comfy half boots that come to mid-calf are definitely on trend this winter. Check out this article from the Huffington Post

Fun Tights
If you don’t have any fun tights this season then you need to add some to your wardrobe! This awesome article will give you all the tips you need!

Winter & Holiday Makeup Tips/Trends from Salon Red’s Irene Bell

Satin Glow Skin
This year a satin glow look is what you want for your skin. To achieve this look, prep your skin with a light layer of moisturizer followed by a primer. Then apply your foundation in a circular motion and set your look with a translucent powder. To finish it all off, use a touch of bronzer on the top of your cheekbones.

Full Brows

A full brow is definitely on trend this season! To achieve this look, first apply a primer to your brow. This will help prevent color fading. Next, use your brow pencil to draw a definite line both above and below your brow line. You really want to concentrate on defining the end of your brow closer to your hair line. Once your lines are drawn you can use either a clean mascara wand or the spool end of your brow pencil to pull the color up and through your brows. This blends any harsh lines. Next take your brow powder and apply it between the lines with a really stiff, angled brush. Use your angled brush to go back over your brows lightly to blend the colors and finish your look.

matte lipstick

Matte Deep Colored Lips
The first step to achieving the perfect matte lip is exfoliating your lips. Use your favorite lip scrub and remove with a wet washcloth. Next hydrate your lips with a balm. One with Vitamin E and shea butter will work best. Now you should use a lip liner of the same lip color shade around your lips to prevent the color from bleeding. Once you’re done you are now ready to apply your lip color for that perfect matte lip!