Congratulations Jasmine on winning “Best Hair Colorist” in Atlanta 2015! We salute you and are so proud of your accomplishment! We also want to celebrate a few of Salon Red’s other amazing stylists at our Candler Park, Decatur and Brookhaven locations : Lyndsay Marbury (another 2015 nominee), Misti Dort, Lyn Stallings and Brie Nichols! Visit our website ( to keep up with everything Salon Red and check out our monthly specials. #salonred, @salonred

Tips & Trends

Zach Davis 2

Fall Tips & Trends
By Zach Davis @ Brookhaven

With the change of the season it’s time for a change in look as well. Going darker is the normal change for blondes from summer to fall, but Harper’s Bazaar says why not just change your blonde? Go from platinum to a stunning wheat or rose gold to liven up that stunning blonde. Brunette’s keep to warmer tones, reds, coppers, even golden tones.

Elle says to not be afraid to add some highlights to make those tones really pop! Putting some dimension will really make your color stand out and give you a nice movement to those luscious locks. For the more adventurous color lovers why not add some nice jewel tones? Rich dimensional purples and vibrant reds are a fun and trendy way to keep it different but on trend!

Words to remember for the seasons are: Dimension, rich, and warm.

Shannon Gray

The Autumn Winter 2015 Movement
by Shannon Gray @ Decatur

Uncharted Territories
Autumn/Winter 2015 is inspired by the elements and their influence on hair. In the process of changing seasons, a new aesthetic is being created, wild and strong; a new kind of beauty with the raw spirit of the untouched. An untamed landscape waiting to be shaped.

The Inspiration: Marbled Colors
Nature harnessed or eroded – this season’s color is inspired by the mineral layers of the earth’s rock. Marbled, earthy tones and spice colors reflect the landscape and translucent light of the North. The colors of erosion reveal a topography in hair.

The Look: Untamed Textures
Softly crafted for an untamed look, this season’s styling follows the forms of nature to create surprising textures: hair is quickly pulled away from the face in a braid, then opened up, or flattened close to the skull, as though carrying the imprint of a woolly hat. Patina Texture: Grey is key here, it’s never been used so creatively before. With this collection, you can enjoy breaking the rules. It’s all about redesigning and reevaluating beauty.*


*Refrenced from Wella Professional


Fall 2015 Tip & Trend
By Lyn Stallings @ Candler Park

Fall is approaching fast which means out with the old and in with the new! I personally love this time of year and am always excited when it comes around! Here are a couple of styling trends that are big this season.


Low Pony!
Yes, you heard me right! Your laziest hair day is now a fashion statement! Wear it messy, to the side, sleek, or glam it up with some accessories!








Side parts!
Don’t be afraid to switch it up! If you’re like me, you have days where you just feel like your hair is always the same. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 😊 This glamorous side part might be calling your name! Read more

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