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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Jasmine Hollis


Stylists like Jasmine Hollis are truly one in a million. Her drive, passion, and creativity left an immediate impression of the entire Salon Red team from the moment that she walked in the door last August, and we couldn’t be happier to spend April celebrating her! So sit back, relax, and discover 6 Things You Don’t Know About Jasmine Hollis…

1. Her first passion is her family.The first love of Jasmine’s life is her Brady Bunch style family.“I feel so lucky to have my son Elijah, stepson Jackson, my husband Josh, and let’s not forget our 3 year old Siberian Husky. My career as a stylist may be a close second in my heart, but I will always make time for PTA meetings, and football games or hip hop recitals with my boys.”Jasmine says when she’s not working or at one of themany continuing education classes she makes a point to attend, she loves nothing more than tucking the boys in bed before nerding out with her husband over videos games or nose-deep in a book.

2. Jasmine has a style that is all her own:Every girl has her signature style and Jasmine’s can be defined in twowords: NO PANTS.Jasmine’s collection of black skater girl dresses is a Salon Red staple.“I just hate pants! I don’t like how they look on me, and I hate the idea of having to pull them up all day while I’m working. So I basically live in dresses, especially BLACK dresses. Even my PJs are black!”

3. She lives for big hair:Jasmine’s dress code may stay the same, but her hair is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of style! Through all the changes in color and length, Jasmine has one rule that stays the same: The Bigger the BETTER! It’s why Jasmine’s desert island necessity ishandsdownOribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray.“I don’t care if I don’t have food. I have to have Dry Texture! I may starve to death, but at least my hair will be big and fabulous!”

4. Gets her inspiration from reinventing retro style.“As a lover of big hair, I have to give it up to Elizabeth Taylor. Especially Elizabeth Taylor in her 20’s. She was such a powerhouse of a woman who always stayed true to herself. I constantly take inspiration from her many different looks over the years.” Not content with merely emulating Liz’s style, Jasmine loves to find ways to modernize and reinvent retro looks. “I’m also a firm believer in bouncing ideas off my coworkers and friends. I love learning from more experienced stylists or icons of the industry.”

5. Jasmine is a total math nerd:Growing up as an opinionated, quirky kid, Jasmine found comfort in the exactness of math as a varsity mathlete for her high school team. As an adult, Jasmine combines her analytic andcreative skills to create looks that are curated for each individual guest’s taste and needs. From precisely measuring out each gram of color, to designing cuts that consider a guest’s head shape, Jasmine’s styles are truly unique to her guest.“Each cut and color I do is completely tailored to the personin my chair.I give each of my guests 100% of my attention so that together we can create a full look that is unique to them!”

6. She’s your go-to girl for at-home styling lessons!When you put as much care into your work as Jasmine does, of course you want that look to last! That’s why Jasmine absolutely loves giving her guests lessons in how to recreate these salon styles at home.“You’ll be very surprised what a little extra information and practice will do, and you’ll be even more surprised how great it feels to have great hairevery day!”It’s this love for educating her clients that’s landed Jasmine a spot on the team of stylists who’ll be heading up Salon Red’s very first Blow Dry Class happening May 1st! So make sure to reserve your spot by calling 404.373.2868 and get in on the opportunity to learn from some of the best!

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